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Pixar Is Back With Another Great Animation – Wall-E

I’m not a huge fan of animated movies, especially not the new-school, CGI animated films. Something about the look just feels empty. But Wall-E is a different story entirely. Visually, Wall-E has more going for it than any other CGI animation. The attention to detail and the hilarious, albeit at times overblown, social commentary raise

Watch Into The Wild To Enjoy The Beautiful Nature

Based on the non fiction book by Jon Krakauer, Sean Penn’s movie traces the life of Christopher McCandless, a college graduate who gave it all up (education, career and family) to pack up and go Into The Wild. The film plays like a fairy tale in which the protagonist, Christopher (Emile Hirsch) takes a journey

The Last Survivors – Post Apocalyptic Movie For Action Fans

Set in a future which hasn’t seen rainfall in years, The Last Survivors sees young Kendal and her brother Dean survive in the ruins of the orphanage where they grew up. They have one of the few working wells in the area and must fiercely protect their water supply from those who wander through. However,

Two Strangers Help Each Other To Survive In The Mountain Between Us

Directed by Abu-Assad, The Mountain Between Us blends romance with adventure really well. Although it is a romantic drama, there is a lot of adventure and excitement, which you can see if you watch The Mountain Between Us. Elba and Winslet are great pair and give the impression that are truly rounded personalities, who face

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

The first of Hollywood’s six 3D blockbusters, Journey To The Center Of The Earth is directed by special effects master and several time Oscar nominee Eric Brevig who has worked on films like Twister, Pearl Harbor and Hook. The Jules Verne 19th century novel is a natural pick for a 3D movie with characters venturing