Don’t Watch Score: A Hockey Musical!

The opening gala to the Toronto International Film Festival is a sports musical telling the story of a home schooled teenage hockey phenomenon, Farley (Noah Reid). Discovered by a hockey owner (Stephen McHattie), Noah joins the team but a problem arises in that Noah is unable to handle to fights that are part and parcel of the game. A romance with Eve (Allie MacDonald) forms a subplot and that is pretty much the whole story. Other that that, the full movie is made up of songs written by McGowan (Saint Ralph and One Week) and dances with quite a few on the ice.

McGowan’s previous films were not half bad, but Score: A Hockey Musical is totally embarrassing, especially when chosen to open a prestigious a festival as TIFF. The songs are slight if not terrible, dances ridiculous and plot downright silly. Farley solves the hockey fighting problem by hugging his opponent until they give up. The result is a film not only so embarrassingly bad but also boring from start to end.

Most winter sports fans are not into dance movies and vice versa, so expect this film to flop majorly at the box-office. What were the filmmakers thinking? The cameos by Olivia Newton John (as Noah’s mother) and Nelly Furtado do not help either.