The House with a Clock in its Walls is Handled Perfectly

The story of a boy who goes to live in a house already occupied by an evil spirit may sound like the plot of a cliché horror movie but don’t let that fool you. You must watch The House With A Clock In Its Walls online because of the awesome story it offers and the combination of fun, mild scares and fantasy it delivers.

The first and foremost point where the full movie wins is the writing. It has stayed true to the novel and will be a fun ride for both the fans of the comic book and those who haven’t read it yet. The reason it is perfect for children is that it is not so gory and does not have a lot of bloodsheds. It could be described as one of the finest examples of how you should blend the genres of fantasy and horror. This film is a triumph in itself and needs to be seen for what it is. It also does not shy away from venturing into territories from where the other makers would and you must watch The House with a Clock in its Walls to understand the true worth of it.

The editing by Fred Raskin is also something to mention. The movie never feels too long and the pacing is perfect. With a runtime of close to 105 minutes, the flick has been kept crisp and tight with not many loopholes. The plot does not even slow down at any twist and this is where the editor takes the cake away from the rest. It is an enthralling experience, to say the least.

For a fantasy film that is shot mostly inside a house, the cinematography is spot on as well according to Empire Online. The camera angles complement the narrative perfectly with some beautiful shots inside the house. The lighting department is perfect, too, considering the mood had to be set to that of a horror. The background music provides the right amount of sound to ensure that you are intrigued to watch The House with a Clock in its Walls online free and find out what happens next. It also complements the jump scares within the narrative to give you a chilling effect.

Undoubtedly, the director, Eli Roth, made a classic in itself, and proved he knows how to approach the subject. He has complete control and never loses it. He knows what to place where and is in absolute top form. He certainly had a difficult task at hand but he takes it heads on and creates a product that will be liked by everyone. He delivers the right amount of humor in a film that is actually meant to scare you and this provides for the overall entertainment.

Coming to the performance, Jack Black never ceases to give out a performance that would keep him in the good books of the audience. His presence is a treat on screen and the chemistry with the child actor Owen Vaccaro is something to watch out for. Cate Blanchett is as usual brilliant whereas the other star cast has done a decent job.