Two Strangers Help Each Other To Survive In The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us

Directed by Abu-Assad, The Mountain Between Us blends romance with adventure really well. Although it is a romantic drama, there is a lot of adventure and excitement, which you can see if you watch The Mountain Between Us. Elba and Winslet are great pair and give the impression that are truly rounded personalities, who face their problems in the wilderness in their own way.

What is the movie about?

Set at the Denver airport, the full movie introduces us immediately the main characters – Idris Elba (Ben) and Kate Winslet (Alex), who try to stay alive at the top of a snowy mountain after their plane crashes. Alex is a photojournalist, who is about to get a flight for her wedding with Mark (Dermot Mulroney) in just a few hours in New York city. Dr. Ben Bas needs to go to Baltimore as soon as possible for an important surgery.

A storm cancels their flights and the two strangers must find way to fly from the west coast to the east, so they decide to charter a private plane in order to make it to their destinations on time. Finally, they manage to board on a small jet with Walter (Beau Bridges), the pilot, and his dog.

While flying, the pilot dies from a heart attack and the plane crashes above the Rocky Mountains. Luckily the two protagonists and the dog survived the crash, but Alex’s leg is broken and Ben has to take care of her under difficult weather conditions. The dialogue between them is witty – Alex thinks it’s better for Ben to leave her behind as his chance of surviving is better but he refuses. Eventually, they manage to find a cabin use it as their shelter.

inside the airplane

The script written by Chris Weitz is good and will make you watch The Mountain Between Us online with interest, as Alex and Ben come even closer as the days go by. They are stuck but determined to survive and in hard moments they cuddle up for support. The nights are long and cold and the only things that can keep them warm are their bodies and the fire they have lit up. But our heroes also have to face a number of problems, like Martin’s broken leg and a cougar which comes out of nowhere. Moreover, they realize no one is looking for them and they need to figure out how to survive in the snowy mount and get out alive.

Director Hany Abu-Assad made his first English language debut with this film and he handles the scenes quite impressively. The plot focuses on two strangers, their personalities and efforts to survive. It’s obvious they won’t be separated, but they have different approaches on how they are going to survive. Though, it makes you wonder if they will fall in love or not.

Streaming The Mountain Between Us for free online lets you enjoy the feeling of being stuck in the wilderness. The movie was actually shot in British Columbia, Canada, and the scenes are really amazing depicting open spaces, marvelous lakes, blue skies and great colors.